Update to Fedco Depot ordering

I was told by one of our BFA Chapter members that when she tried to place on order this past week on the Fedco Organic Growers Supply Catalog website that she got a message saying all depot ordering was suspended until the end of August. I have contacted Fedco and I was told that orders tend to be so small during the summer that they suspend the bulk shipping orders until towards the fall when people start thinking about fall amendments. She did say that if our chapter wants to keep adding to an order that when it is big enough they will ship it.

We have to pay $125 for a pallet that weighs up to 1 ton to be shipped. I am told that if there are 500 lb. worth of goods on the pallet that it is worth the $125 shipping, but obviously if we can get a 1000 or 2000 lb. on the pallet the shipping charge gets spread around more and we each pay less.

Since we have many newcomers to our group and people are still in progress with getting their soil tested, and some in our group seem to be amending on a schedule like clock-work, I think we should all keep placing orders on the Fedco site and when it gets large enough the order will be placed, and you’ll be notified at that time. We may not have enough time to get a whole bulk order together by July 1, but we can aim for August 1. I will check with David Forster who handles the Fedco order for this group and if there is any news to relate I’ll post it here.

Reminder: our Depot is the George Hall Farm, 180 Old Farms Road, Simsbury CT.

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