Notwithstanding the slug visitation in my bed of salad greens and the pests making ‘paper-lace’ designs on my bean and squash leaves, I have been feeling particularly inspired lately by my garden and also from watching the farms around me as their fields fill in with lush growth. I am super excited about the upcoming talks by Dan Kittredge for our group. This will be my first time hearing Dan speak to a group like this and I have heard such good things from other people who have been to his workshops and lectures that I went looking on youtube. Now I REALLY can’t wait for June 25 to get here! What strikes me most in hearing Dan talk is his positive message about increasing the quality in our food supply. There are growers who are practicing regenerative farming, and we at home can grow the same quality foods through regenerative practices. I have sat through some rather negative discussions in the past that focused too much on doom and gloom. I am very excited to have the opportunity to be part of a discussion that focuses on positive, practical steps to restoring quality in our foods.

Here are a few videos of lectures and panel discussions that Dan has done recently to get you inspired to come and hear him talk in person at Flamig Farm in W. Simsbury on June 25 and/or Glastonbury’s Library on July 2!

panel discussion February 3, 2015 – GMO: What do we know?

November 2014 Nutrition and Health from the Ground Up at Tufts University

November 2014, Q&A portion of Nutrition and Health from the Ground Up at Tufts University
Ethan Roland and Dan Kittredge

As you go about your gardening and farming days be sure to make note of anything you’d like to share or ask about at our High Bionutrient Crop Production talks with Dan.

Also, in case you are wondering if the 2 day workshop with Dan is “for you”, here are some testimonials by home-gardeners and farmers:

Testimonials from farmers and home-gardeners who have take Dan’s Nutrient Dense Crop Production Workshops

Kris McCue

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