Farm Field Day – a Farm Tour – this summer!

Would you like to do a farm tour led by expert agronomist and BFA Founder, Dan Kittredge? This is your opportunity to walk a farm field and see through the eyes of an expert organic farmer and soil scientist. Hear Dan’s analysis of the soil health, crop health, and his thoughts on how to raise the quality even higher. Depending on whether the group was predominantly farmers or home-gardeners and consumers Dan would gear his narration to the level of experience of his audience.    Dan would talk about the soil quality, crop quality, any pest or blights or other plant health issues as they present themselves, minerology, energy, and more. Participants are invited to ask lots of questions!

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There are two options available for these professionally quided farm tours.
Option 1 is for professional growers and farmers – this will be an all day tour and class, on a Sunday, that is of a more technical nature based on the experience of the participants. Fee required.

Option 2 is for home-gardeners and consumers – this will be a 2 hour evening tour that will help us see exactly where our food is coming from and give us an opportunity to learn the issues our local farmers face. We will likely see similar things to what we see in our own gardens.

Farm location is to be determined. The farm will be associated with the BFA and will be working on remineralizing their soil.

Please email and let me know which Farm Tour you’d be interested in, whether you are a farmer or a home=gardener/consumer. I will schedule the tours based on interest.

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