March: Spring Planting Prep

5:30-9PM at the Shepherd of the Hills Church (7 Wescott Road, Simsbury)

Bring a munchie and get ready to share and learn!

Milk Test: Come at 5:30 with a carton or bottle of cow’s milk for testing with the Bionutrient Meter

Munchie Time: 6-6:30

Meeting Time: Promptly at 6:30

We’ll discuss beginning to uncover and work the soil, along with soil-building techniques, which includes adding amendments and planting spring cover crops, as we wake up the soil biology.

We’ll also be conducting another test with the Bionutrient Meter, and hosting the Trumbull High School Future Farmers of America students as they engage in a debate about Robotic Drone Bees: Are they beneficial or detrimental to agriculture and the environment?

Soil scientist and BFA Member Emily Cole will give a presentation on Biochar and its uses in the garden.

Note: As always, Kris will have a number of products to be used in your garden for sale.

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