What is The BFA?

How do you explain to friends and family what the Bionutrient Food Association [BFA] is about?  Or are you new to the Hartford-Area Chapter and not quite sure what we are about?  Here is a great overview, thanks to the Southwest New Hampshire BFA Chapter. The BFA is an educational non-profit organization that teaches a set of principles and practices that support growers in building a high functioning biological system in the soil that grows their crops. We identify five key components that Read more [...]

Search for Seed Quality and “Seed Test Weight”

I’ve been on a quest for the highest quality vegetable garden seeds that I can find among the seed companies I have patronized over the years. As recommended by David Forster at the first BFA meeting I attended in January 2015, and Nigel Palmer at our September 2015 BFA meeting, and also Dan Kittredge, BFA Founder, on multiple occasions, I have been contacting numerous seed companies to inquire about their “seed test weights”. I have had email and phone conversations with the following: Baker Read more [...]

Seed Bank to Open at Berlin-Peck Memorial Library!

Last night Mark and I attended their first tomato tasting and seed collection event. Chris Fasciano, a trustee of the Berlin-Peck Memorial Library, is the energy behind this very worthy effort. He wants to ensure that the community has access to fresh, healthy foods that they can grow themselves, and that there will be a secure supply of heirloom varieties that may have been in someone's family for years and are no longer available or really hard to find in current catalogs. This is a great Read more [...]