Planning and Planting the Garden: Part I

Starting your Seeds Indoors Once you have selected and ordered/ purchased your seeds, it is time to think about planting some of those seeds indoors, so you will have plants ready to put directly into your garden when the time is right. For the home gardener, these plants often include tomatoes, peppers, eggplant or any other plant that requires a longer growing season than would otherwise exist in your area. However, most seeds can be sown directly into the ground when the soil is warm enough. Read more [...]

Gardening: It All Begins with the Seeds!

What’s so great about a seed? By nature a seed’s whole purpose is reproduction: it is programmed to create a plant with the best taste/ nutrition, color/ appearance, and fragrance as possible to attract pollinators and consumers who will, in turn, help disperse and fertilize the seeds to create more plants and seeds. What happens to a seed in nature, however, varies greatly from what often occurs in “civilized” farming. In nature, for example, vernalization (a period of cold) and dormancy Read more [...]